You Are Enough

img_0888You are enough.

We live in a world in which we constantly get sabotaged with messages of “there is more.” Magazines promise the best weight loss programs. Bras guarantee a more satisfying figure beneath your clothes. Dating websites hook you in with a glimpse of your perfect mate. Grocery stores are a warzone of decisions, as you look for the container that is three pennies cheaper per unit ounce. Bigger cars. Bigger houses. Greener grass. Larger paychecks. We are swirling in decisions from the time we awaken to always find the best. Our society takes pride in the ability to multi-task 2-3 projects at one time. We are a whirlwind of activity always looking for the mark on the measuring stick, which indicates we have arrived.

We have taken all of these messages of “more” and created a platform of judgment within ourselves. What if you looked in the mirror and liked what you saw? To the woman who thinks she needs to lose “just five more pounds”, why? Is it because you will find happiness and peace when the scales weigh in on the magic number? Will you feel more complete spiritually if you only wore a size 6 instead of a size 8? To the beautiful new mom with that baby in your arms, why are you in a hurry to “lose the baby weight”? When you are busy nurturing this new human into a world of love and acceptance, can you accept where you are in your path of life and relish it? Here is a message to the woman whose husband whispers in your ear “You are beautiful.” Why do you feel the need to look for imperfections and justify the belief that you are not beautiful?

We can spend our days always looking for justification to work harder on some aspect of ourselves. If you aren’t sure what to work on, just go to the “self help” section of a bookstore and I am sure you will discover an inadequacy you never knew you had before you started looking. Seeking out something to worry over will give you exactly what you are seeking, worry and stress.

Seek self-acceptance. Seek goodness. Seek permission to be happy with you. When that lover tells you how amazing you are, say “thank you.” Smile to yourself and validate that you ARE amazing. If you don’t have someone in your life that is sharing in your beauty, love yourself. You are just the person you need in your life right now. Look in the mirror and say, “You are enough.”

Society will not slow its appetite for your energy. You can give all that you have, and still it will continue to seek more from someone else when you are empty. But you can slow the world you live in. You can create your own space and have your own oasis. Be enough for you. If it’s a day to meditate or a day to be silly with your child, then be in that moment and stop worrying about how far behind you will be in society’s checklist of measurements.

Because you are enough.




5 thoughts on “You Are Enough

  1. Another amaxing one!!! Is it too much though to ask that your lover tells you you’re beautiful every once in awhile without prompting?? I know I am enough and beautiful and so are you!! You’ve taught me that, love you

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    1. My dear sweet friend, it is so hard to let go of our natural desire to receive validation from others, especially people that we seek intimate acceptance from. Don’t wait for someone else to notice your beauty before you realize it yourself. The hardest confidence to live in is the confidence that is not built on the foundation of other’s opinions, but it is also the hardest to shake. You are strong and beautiful and enough. You know it, don’t second guess it. Love you.

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  2. It is such a crazy world, always seeking for more like the vampire getting low on ‘blood’ yet like you prescribed, we must daily take our dose of self acceptance and contentment otherwise we would wake up one morning to realize We were never Ourselves.

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