The Break Up

I’m breaking up with you. It’s going to be hard at first. I know there will be a lot I am going to miss about you. But, I have to step back and evaluate the benefits and sacrifices that having you in my life are providing me. For years now, you have graciously given me laughter and entertainment. And Oh! The friends I have made all because of your presence in my life! Every morning, you always shared everything going on from all over the world. I still get joy at the memories and life stories that flicker across our line of connection like a picture show. Seeing children grow up, vacations being relished, and wedding bells ringing makes me feel like I am right there! You have shown me inspiration and you have provided insight at times. I will miss the anticipation of sharing my adventures over a cup of coffee with you. I will miss your acts of kindness in your messages of hearts and smiley faces and the thumb’s up you readily provided on my life endeavors.

But we have both changed. Now I am having a hard time seeing the peace and joy that flowed so heavily in the beginning. Now my mornings are approached with trepidation as I wonder what mood will be greeting me today. At first it wasn’t so noticeable. It was an occasional remark, a message with good intentions. Maybe it’s my fault for being so sensitive, but it hurts my heart to see your squabbles in front of an audience. It made me very uncomfortable that hateful words could so easily be made public about such intimate parts of your life. And I know it was an open relationship. One in which I should be ok with political differences and religious disagreements. Everyone knows I love a healthy and fair debate. But I don’t like the feeling that I cannot ask questions and learn anymore. Now it feels unsafe to respond unless it’s in agreement.

I’m not ok living in that environment anymore. I seem to be absorbing the hatred and sadness as quickly as you feed it to me, and it makes me very tired to internalize your battles. That’s why I’m breaking up with you. You are not a part of my journey to inner peace. You know my heart. You have seen my consistent desire for unity and peace despite our differences. But your mantra no longer serves mine.

So, until we meet again, farewell, FACEBOOK. I think we should take a break and do some personal evaluation. Let’s call it a sabbatical. I’ll keep your number and you keep mine. When we meet again, I hope I’m a better person for having taken the break from this relationship.img_0902


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