The Unseen Parts Of Life

via Daily Prompt: Unseen



Everyone puts their best on display. You have your best photos on social media. You share your successes with your friends and colleagues. You wear the clothes that make you feel the most attractive while out on the town Your front entrance to your home is where you focus your investment to provide a first impression to your life.

But I am most interested in the details behind the performance. I want to know about your darkest nights. I want to experience the stained hoodie and two day old leftovers on your couch. I want to see the nuts and bolts of your daily struggles.

This makes sense to me as a coach. When a sales manager calls me with the successful sale, I celebrate the success and sincerely celebrate in the congratulations. But then I am ready to get down to the nitty gritty of the WHY it was a successful sale. Why did they like the magic number of $500/month for 24 months instead of $570/month for 12 months? Why did they commit to the contract you re-negotiated instead of the original one that was so much less of an investment?  I want to know what you said to the customer to funnel down to their specific needs to make them happy to shake your hand. I want to know what makes people tick. How do they drive decisions?

So it is no surprise that I am most excited when a covering of snow hides the boundaries of life in our city. I am very happy to take advantage of the opportunity to sneak peak into the backyard life of urban civilization. I want to find the beauty in the messy. I want to know that at the end of it all, we all have dirty laundry and pieces of furniture that we consider valuable, but we have not quite identified how to fit it into our pretty picture of existence we present to the people on the front porch.

It’s the life unseen that makes us who we are. It’s the hidden tears, the private struggles, the secret hobbies that make up the building blocks of how we all connect. That is why I am not afraid to display my journey. I am not afraid to share my secret moments. It makes me more human to the people seeking out someone they can relate to in their own life.

This picture shows the side of my neighbors nobody else will see. It shows the hard nights in the restaurant the college student rides to every night on his bike. It shows the particles of the apartment that is not for display. It’s the life we slither through unseen in preparation for our performance under the harsh light of judgement each day in front of an audience. This is where we live. This is who we are.


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